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AES bit GCM encryption provides increased protection for meeting data and resistance against tampering. If using an older Zoom client, a user will see this prompt to update upon joining a meeting:. Note: If a user does not have permission to install Zoom, they can still join their meeting using a browser. To manually update your Zoom app, please visit zoom.

Learn more about how to manage this update in your environment for various endpoints. Security controls are now grouped together and found by clicking the Security icon on the host meeting menu bar. These controls allow the host to enable or disable the ability for participants to:. Lock your meeting after everyone has arrived to prevent any unwanted disruptions. The host may remove a participant and they will be unable to re-enter the meeting.

Waiting Room , an existing feature that allows a host to keep participants in individual virtual waiting rooms before they are admitted to a meeting, is now on by default for education, Basic, and single-license Pro accounts. It is recommended best practice for all customers to turn on Waiting Rooms. Eleven digit unique meeting IDs are now in place. Meeting IDs are also removed from the content sharing window to prevent accidental sharing of meeting information.

Meeting passwords are now more complex and enabled by default for Basic free , and K customers. For administered accounts, account admins now have the ability to define password complexity such as length, alphanumeric, and special character requirements. Registration for meetings will allow you to have your participants register with their email, name, and other details to know more about attendees.

Enable meeting preset profiles that only allow entry to authenticated users, or restrict to specific email domains for Business, Enterprise or Education accounts. Turn this on to embed a user’s personal information into the audio as an inaudible watermark if they record during a meeting. If the audio file is shared without permission, Zoom can help identify which participant recorded the meeting.

Users can now enable Zoom Chat notifications to not show chat content while screen sharing. Zoom 5. Host or account admin can disable the ability for participants to show their profile picture or change it in a meeting. Hosts can now select which data center regions they would like their in-meeting traffic to use when scheduling a meeting, and participants can see which data center they are connected to by clicking on the info icon at the top left of the client window.

GCM Encryption is here! Zoom meetings set a new standard in communications security. Zoom is now GCM Encrypted! To join meetings, older clients must be updated to the latest Zoom client. Update Experience If using an older Zoom client, a user will see this prompt to update upon joining a meeting: Note: If a user does not have permission to install Zoom, they can still join their meeting using a browser.

If Zoom is managed for you by an administrator, they will manage this update for you. Zoom Administrators Learn more about how to manage this update in your environment for various endpoints. Learn More. Security Enhancements included in Zoom 5. These controls allow the host to enable or disable the ability for participants to: Screen share.

Rename themselves. Additional Meeting Safeguards Waiting Room enabled by default. Recording Security. Update your Zoom Client.



Whats the most current version of zoom. Zoom (software)


Many times a user has a specific way they like to view inquiry information. This will store the settings for the inquiry window by user so the next time you enter this same window, it will default the display the way you like it. Payables — Transaction by Vendor, Transaction by Document.

For ease of use, often the option that defaults is the one that people use most often. We changed the default form type to Single Feed instead of continuous. We have adjusted the functionality for the Payables Form Now, the email address on the Print window will default from the Internet address information setup on the company address ID. This email address on the window will also print on the form that is generated. In Sales Inquiry, today, the default action on the zoom for the transaction is to navigate the user to the associated Inquiry window for the document that is selected in the window.

This allows the user to use the Inquiry window to search and find a work transaction and then navigate to Sales Transaction Entry to continue editing or complete the transaction. The Sales Transaction Entry window will honor the users security settings; in order to navigate to it, that user must have permissions to the window itself.

Some of the enhancements added for Dynamics GP October are taken directly from customer suggestions. These are highly voted on and discussed feature asks.

A common customer request is the ability to recreate the account descriptions using the Mass Modify Chart of Accounts window. We have added an option to the modify drop down — Update Account Description. This option will recreate the account description for the accounts included in the update display.

It will use the associated segment descriptions and separate each segment description with a dash. Previously, if they logged out, those settings were discarded and the user had to set the parameters again when they enter the All In One View window. The settings are automatically saved when the user closes Dynamics GP. We will save the Options selections and the filter settings all at the same time. These are settings stored per user. In US Payroll Transaction entry, there are transaction defaults at the header that will then default when adding additional lines in the scrolling window.

This should help with entering payroll transactions and reduce the mistakes with the defaults being consistently used. Many people use alternate methods to track hours for employees. A paste action item has been added to the ribbon in Payroll Transaction Entry. When you are entering a new batch you copy the transactions in Excel, then select the Paste action in Transaction Entry. This will create the transactions in the batch. The paste action is only available with an empty batch. During the paste, the system will create each line and default existing information from Payroll for fields that are not included in Excel.

A validation report will print and display any errors found prior to pasting the transactions. If there are any validation errors, the paste process will not complete and no transactions will be added to the payroll batch.

This will help you add transactions more quickly and accurately into Payroll Transaction Entry to complete the payroll processes. This is a new checkbox on the Print W-2 Forms window that is available when you choose to print W-2 forms in the print selection box.

When marked, the first 5 characters of the social security number will print with an X and only the last four characters will display on the W SafePay is the process that creates a file that can be sent to the bank to indicate what checks were written, when they were written and who they were written to. This enables the bank to verify any checks that are presented for payment against the business records.

Latest News. Related searches. Most popular downloads. Never miss an update for Zoom again with UpdateStar. All versions. LanTalk NET 3. LanInfo XP 2. Disk Redactor 2. Fake Webcam 7. Webcam and Screen Recorder 8. Brave 1. Update to Firefox available.

Chrome update available. These tools delete files permanently and safely.


How to Update Zoom.

Express yourself with free messaging, photo and video. Microsoft Store Updates. Zoom initially claimed to use ” end-to-end encryption ” in its marketing materials, [] but later clarified it meant “from Zoom end point to Zoom end point” meaning effectively between Zoom servers and Zoom clients , which The Intercept described as misleading and “dishonest”. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Android Stay connected wherever you go – start or join a person meeting with crystal-clear, face-to-face video, high quality screen sharing, and instant messaging – for free! External users will not be able to view the channel mention link, unless already a member of that channel. Zoom security features include password-protected meetings, user authentication, waiting rooms, locked meetings, disabling participant screen sharing, randomly generated IDs, and the ability for the host to remove disruptive attendees.