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Eobard Thawne, otherwise known as Professor Zoom and the Reverse-Flash, is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. [1] The character was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, and made his . Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and cross platform group chat into one easy-to-use platform. Our solution offers the best video, audio, and screen-sharing experience across Zoom Rooms, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and H/SIP room systems. k Followers, Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Zoom (@zoom).


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Recording and transcripts Record your meetings locally or to the cloud, with searchable transcripts. Streamlined calendaring Support scheduling or starting meetings from Outlook, Gmail, or iCal. Instead, Thawne decides to ruin Barry’s life during the latter’s childhood, killing his mother, Nora. After Thawne is killed by this reality’s Batman with a sword stab through the chest, the Flash travels back in time to stop Barry’s younger self from altering history but instead, under Pandora ‘s manipulations, a third, new timeline is created, in which DC Comics’ continuity takes place from onward.

As a child, Thawne witnessed his father murder his mother and subsequently get arrested. One day, he is struck by lightning and gains the ability to control the flow of time around him, making it appear as if he is moving at superhuman speeds. Believing himself to have been “chosen” by the Speed Force as the Flash’s replacement, Thawne dons a costume similar to the hero’s and begins to terrorize the Gem Cities as “Zoom”, demanding the citizens accept him as a king.

However, he is enraged when people rebel against him in the Flash’s name. Thawne then makes an acquaintance with Dr. Henry Allen Barry’s father , funding Henry’s research lab. But when Henry refuses to help him with an unknown cause, Zoom subsequently murders Nora in order to make Barry endure and give them both an “equal start”, and forces Henry to take the blame for his deed, with the threat of Barry’s life.

Laying low for many years, Zoom reemerges following William Selkirk’s defeat, recruiting as an “acolyte” of his. Zoom and his acolytes then cause havoc in the city and put the blame on the Flash, desiring to destroy his nemesis’s legacy.

But when his closest “ally” Magali who has been keeping Thawne alive for centuries via powers discover the truth about him, he uses the glove to steal Magali’s abilities of affecting the age of organic and inorganic matter, leading to his true nature being exposed to the rest of his acolytes, who join forces with the Flash to destroy the device. After the failure of his plan to be a god, Zoom then takes Henry to the Allen house, with Barry in pursuit.

Revealing his backstory to Barry, Thawne proceeds to best Barry in combat and is about to kill him until the Flash realizes how Thawne’s powers work, and then proceeds to counter by moving time forward — finally defeating him. The serial-killing speedster Godspeed later attempts to kill Thawne and every other inmate at Iron Heights as a twisted gesture of friendship to Barry, only to be stopped by the hero.

In the DC Rebirth relaunch, Thawne’s powers are retconned back to Negative Speed Force superspeed, his origin is revised to be closer to his pre-Flashpoint ones albeit with some differences and an altered motive , and the Reverse-Flash mantle is returned to him, now as his primary moniker. In spite of these retcons, his New 52 history is shown to have somehow still occurred, to some extent. An only child when his parents died in an accident, Eobard Thawne grew up obsessed with the Flash.

After finding a time capsule with the speedster’s costume, he uses traces of the Speed Force in it to turn himself into a Flash. Due to a lack of threats in the 25th century, Thawne creates his own by endangering people, before “saving” them. He is overjoyed when Barry Allen travels to his time and teaches him new tricks, but his deceit is soon found out. After Barry defeats him and has him arrested, Thawne promises to rehabilitate himself, to that end undergoing therapy and becoming a professor.

He also eventually becomes the curator of the Flash Museum. Seeking to show Barry how much he’s changed and become his partner, Thawne travels to the past. However, he is enraged after he witnesses Barry give Wally West a talk on how “every second is a gift”, similar to one that Barry gave him, and realises that he wasn’t treated specially by the Flash. Still seeking to spend time with the Flash and be his friend, Thawne becomes the Reverse-Flash, vowing to making Barry’s life a living hell until he learns to “make time” for him.

Leading up to the ” The Button ” crossover, Thawne’s memories of his Pre- New 52 self are restored after a mysterious wave of energy strikes him, and he recalls being killed by Batman Thomas Wayne during Flashpoint. Thawne brutally beats and verbally taunts Bruce before picking up the Comedian’s smiley-face pin , which teleports him away to an unknown location.

Thawne is then teleported back to the Batcave, having been bathed in radiation by a mysterious entity. As he collapses, Thawne says “God I saw In the aftermath of “The Button”, Thawne’s corpse is taken to S.

Labs , but he is resurrected via his connection to the Negative Speed Force and returns to the future, to examine the difference between the pre and post-Flashpoint timelines.

He is present at Iris West’s house when she arrives with Wallace West , [37] who Thawne brutally beats and denounces as a fake, before kidnapping Iris and bringing her to the 25th century. Ratings and Reviews. App Privacy. Size Category Business. Compatibility iPhone Requires iOS 8.

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